Monday, October 24, 2011

I Am Still Here But.....

I can't believe how long it has been since I posted!  How have you all survived?
There are a few reasons for this
I am mid-way through my Anthropology class and this has kept me very busy studying primate behavior (THIS MEANS YOU!!!) and writing award winning essays while carefully skirting the ridiculous-ness (not really a word) of my topics.  This takes a lot of energy.  This semester and last has been sapping my spiritual energy.  Not that I have lost my faith but just having to think everything through in a defensive posture is wearing, you know?
Then there is just the suck-i-ness of my life right now.
There are two things I never write about:
My job and my relationship with my kids.
Because I want to keep my job and I love my kids even when things are not what I would hope for.
(Editorial note:  I don't want to name names but we know which kids are doing fine ('B' & 'J') and which one would make me cry every night if I were capable of actually producing tears)
So let's just say that those two things have made it difficult for me to be funny and silly for awhile.
There was always my diet and my exercise routine
But I fell off the Vegan Wagon and downgraded to Vegetarian (lacto-ovu which just sounds gross)
And I figured you were getting sick of hearing about my exercise classes.
Tonight I am sitting on the proverbial ledge and I have a cookie in my hand
And I am going to eat it.
And you can't stop me
Maybe after that I will be cheerful again. 
Really how are people supposed to live without CHOCOLATE???? HOW????
More importantly:  WHY????
In the meantime, how about some interesting comments today PLEASE?
Tell me something interesting in your life.

Give me today's Gopher Count!
Tell me how wrong that Facebook post went about the grammer police Kathy!  (Did you notice that?)
Tell me about your plans for Halloween.
Talk to me people. 
It is your turn
Tonight I really need it.


ltlrags said...

I thought Halloween was cancelled this year. The 4th of July was cancelled cuz of money but I'm still supposed to have candy for all the welfare spawn and anchor babies? Well, like you said, everyone needs chocolate. I think a milk dud is calling my name. Gotta go.

JC said...

So did you eat some chocolate ? I have none in my house so I want to know ...