Monday, August 15, 2011


How well do you know me.... really?
I crave the rush of adrenaline that comes with living on the edge
Standing with my toes curled over the ledge
and leaning over-- ever so slightly off balance.
To catch a glimpse of danger
Sometimes I quench my thirst for the gentler side with an iced tea--
that calms my psyche for a moment
But there are other days when the urge sweeps over me
like a tsunami of desire to play with fire
My throat burning with need for speed, for danger
Those days I pull out all the stops.
Throw caution to the wind
Laugh off pleas for temperance
Dive deep.....deep.....deep....
Into the swirling maelstrom
and emerge to charge pell mell into life
with bravado and abandon
Ass over tea kettle
Looking for ways to up the ante
Some people jump from airplanes
Wrestle alligators
Walk across hot coals
Bungie jump
Swim with sharks
Run with bulls
Shall I poke the beast?
A small sly smile flirting across my mouth
and into my eyes
Shall I look...directly...
into the eyes of the monster

I wear white clothing

Yeah--- I heard you gasp.
Moreover... shall I poke the beast further?
Shall I look... directly... into the very soul of destiny?
Yay I shall take it further and
Even further out on the branch.......


Why????  WHY???? You gasp
Why do I tease the fates?
Because I cannot be content with the status quo
I cannot mere exist, a proletarian
Somnolent... dazed.... numb......
I must feel

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ltlrags said...

I know the source of your adrenaline lust: you let Jim drive for all those years. Yikes!