Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Thing About Eating Vegan

I know that some of you are still confused by my new status as a citizen of Vega.
It has been just about a month now, you know, since I came out of the closet.
How do I know you are still confused?  
The following is the transcript of a recent conversation.

Monica:   Explain to me about the Vegan thing again.
Me:  I don't eat animal protein
Monica:  What exactly does that mean?  No meat but what else? 
 What is the thing about the faces?
Me:  The easy way to think of it is that I do not eat anything that has a face
or is made of something that has a face.
Monica:  What about rice?
Me:  Does rice have a face?  No!  I can eat rice but I eat brown rice
because I try not to eat processed foods.
Monica:  What about the salad dressing you had for dinner?
Me:  If I were a good Vegan I would not eat that because it has
cows milk in it and cows have a face.
Monica:  What about nuts?

 (She hands me this cashew)

This is the kind of supportive family that I live in.