Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stress Test

Stress Test

Sounds pretty innocent, doesn't it?
Does one pass the test if one is stressed by the test?
Does the level of stress induced by the necessity of the test determine your grade?
Is the stress caused by the inappriopriately casual instructions to
 "Eat light so you don't throw up and wear clothing that you are comfortable running in"
is that stress enough to pass the test? 

 (Cuz they isn't anything on the face of the earth (or on Vega)
 that I will be comfortable running in!)

Or is it, as I fear, the actual test itself and the events triggered by the test that are measured?

I am a just a wee bit   terrified    completely and utterly paralyzed by fear   worried  
mildly curious about how this will all turn out. 
I hope that I get my usual stellar grade.

I hope they know how to test aliens from Vega

But should things not turn out so well.....  keep in mind......
Big Party
Junk food
Gerbera Daisies

And should you be one of my readers who pray I would welcome your prayers
tomorrow as well as any assorted good thoughts, sunshine and
rainbows, best wishes etc... that anyone wants to toss my way.


JC said...

It's my birthday tomorrow so nothing will go wrong. Think of that while you are running. It will be my B Day wish and they have to come true cause I said so and it's my B day. So there ... that's taken care of.

The what to wear while running. Yikes. I have a some sweats with drawstring that come up a bit .. what I call high waters. I'd wear those if it was me but it isn't so that's my advice.

I couldn't run on one of those tests if I wanted to so I will hope for the best for you.

What I've done during my unhealthy times is know that I will make it through this. Have a sense of humore. Cry when you get home by yourself or my favorite, the car afterwards.

If I can wake up from my coma and relearn to walk, you my dear can do this.

critterlover said...

HA! comfortable running in. How about a cast iron sports bra? What would I do with these puppies to not walk out (assuming I could walk out after) with 2 black eyes?

I know you did great!