Sunday, July 10, 2011

Water Aerobics

So last Thursday I went to my very first water aerobics class.  I knew even before my doc told me that I needed to get some regular exercise to go along with my lifestyle overhaul but there are a few obstacles:
I hate exercise
I hate getting sweaty
I hate exercise
I am tired all the time
I hate exercise
My joints will hurt
But most of all, I hate exercise

I know you are shocked because I have such a great physique and all but it is true
My daughter in law has been going to a water aerobics class at one of our community parks so I decided to go with her and see what I thought

Here is how it went
I bought a swim suit.  That was fun and as big a boost to my self esteem as you would imagine.
Here is a picture of me in my new swimsuit. 

So when the time had come I stood at the edge of the pool-- the deep end-- I realized that I hadn't been swimming in such a long time I couldn't remember when it was.  So I stood there on the edge for a little while and wondered what was going to happen when I got in the water.  Would I sink to the bottom?  Would I flounder about?  Would I remember how to swim?  (Side note:  When my son was little he called swimming underwater 'drowning'   "Mommy look!  I am drowning"  Cute, right?)
Eventually I jumped in.  I did not drown.  But it did cause some waves and agitation in the pool

Right off they give you some weights to use.  These things looked innocent enough because they are made of foam but once they hit the water they turn into these:

For perspective on the size of the barbells, this is an amoeba.  See how big they are COMPARED TO AN AMOEBA????

Anyhow.... it was a great class.  The instructor was friendly and funny.  The other gals in the class were fun too.  One was a friend I knew back in high school so we caught up with our lives.  We really did work out hard.  My joints did not hurt.
Best of all.......
Drumroll please............

I know, right?

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Anonymous said...

plus your new short hair probably didnt even get wet!! BONUS!!