Thursday, July 7, 2011

Still Maintaining My Denial

Day 8 Since Bogus Diabetes Diagnosis

So far I have been a very good girl.  I haven't had any candy or baked goodies at all.  I am eating moderate amounts of fruits and veggies.
I have cut back on the starches and replaced with complex carbs
I cut back my coffee intake and my diet soda intake
I am getting ready to start water aerobics class
I have a meeting this weekend with a professional health coach
I have been reading and researching
I have been poking at my fingers and reading my BG (blood glucose) reading and logging it every day.

So far I am pretty sure the meter is broken.
It keeps giving me readings that are in the 140s which just cannot be right because that would mean that......
I may really have diabetes which is a total bunch of baloney..... Hooey....  Crapola......

My sister has mastered the art of disease denial.  She doesn't really believe she is epileptic-- and why should she?  She pretty much has to take everyone else's word for it since she never remembers her little episodes.  So she is suspicious that I have launched a massive conspiracy that includes the family, the hospital, the ambulance drivers, the paramedics and her molars (to chew up her tongue).
Her proof that we are all making it up:  She doesn't pee on herself like most people do during a grand mal seizure.

So I am not really convinced that I have a problem yet.
I mean, I don't feel 'sick'.
I think it is just a way of getting me to lose the hundred and fifty   massive elephant like  blobbish  couple of extra pounds I am carrying
It is those clever diabetic supply companies trying to get ANOTHER member of the house to buy all this STUFF!

Yeah..... you guys all go ahead and believe I have a problem.  I will just make good use of this opportunity to drop those lbs....


ltlrags said...

Wow! You are committed. Not about all that stuff you're doing for the bogus diabetes, but for all the stuff you're doing to maintain the grand mal seizure scenario. And now you know what you need to do - collect some of her pee for the next staging.

JC said...

I think you are doing great. The water arobics and the coach should get you motivated in the right direction. I think exercise is probably a big key to getting started. Course I need to do that too. I've been going on walks every day. Small steps ...

Take photos of your sister the next time, I know .. sounds odd but then she can't pretend anymore.

I like pretending though ... it's how I've gotten through most things.

I wasn't in a coma. I don't remember any of that. I just get bad headaches.