Monday, July 11, 2011

Monica's Birthday

Yesterday was Monica's Birthday
She turned  50  
Well almost anyhow.....
Her sweet daughter got her TWO cute watches
And do you know why?
Because she is her mom.  And you have to be sweet to your mom
But you don't have to be sweet to your younger sister because every single
day of her life she has stolen the spotlight away from you.  She was always cuter
and thinner and had better fingernails than me.
It started with my crib and it just got worse from there.
Need I say more?

The family who were in town got together to celebrate the aniversary of the World's Most Amazing Sister.  My Favorite Sister.  The one who got the 'good' genes.
You gotta love her
(Really that is what my parents always told me anyhow)
For her birthday I got her a Green Lantern Shirt and the Special Ring

For her birthday she got herself a GPS system.  Look how surprised she is!!
I want to tell you a story but I won't.  Lets just say she really REALLY needs a GPS.
If she wants to tell her story I will let her guest blog

Did I tell you all about the bread crumbs?  I don't remember.
About a month ago she got bread crumbs at Costco because she knows
 I cook with them sometimes.
I usually use about 1/2 cup at a time.  I guess she didn't realize that.
She bought me a twin package of these.
We are trying to figure out what else you can use them for.
I keep thinking of that line in Vacation where the trailer trash dad says
 "I dont know why they call it Hamburger Helper-- it tastes great all by itself"
Bread crumbs are no Hamburger Helper
Not even the seasoned ones.

Now here is my favorite
Do you recognize this item that I had framed?
Go back a week or two.....
That is right.  It is the famous note.
Because I want her birthday presents to MEAN something.
I want them to be memorable
Plus I really don't like for her to forget the really funny stuff.
Yeah, I am like that.

PS:  I am up for adoption

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ltlrags said...

That was hillarious. Not just the gifts, but the way you tell it. You have a gift.