Sunday, June 19, 2011


Have you ever had someone else work on your computer when you are away at lunch?
And you come back and things are changed but you can't do anything about it because it is your boss so it is really his computer and his work etc....  Like the window view is different and you can't figure out how to see the whole screen and the settings have been changed and there are like 20 different windows open?  But not the one that was open when you left, albeit minimized.
Has that ever happened to you?
Me Neither

But if I did I would imagine that it might be something like when your new driver in the family uses your car. And the next morning when you leave to go to work at dawn when you are half asleep and already managed to drip coffee on your blouse and you try to get in but the seat is pushed all the way up and you find yourself having flashbacks to getting your arm stuck in your bed.
And you turn on the radio expecting to hear the news but instead you hear Ryan Seacrest doing a "Ryan's Roses" and then you get to hear some artist sing about airplanes and shooting stars and you think--- was Ryan Seacrest in my car when I parked it last night?  And then you think "Dang, he has really short legs!"
And you get ready to back out of the driveway but the mirror is tilted down and over to the side and you don't remember leaving it reflecting your cleavage when you parked it last night.
And the side mirrors are obviously confused also.
You just know someone else was there in your space.

Yeah, me neither.

In light of these developments, is it really so horribly wrong for me to have a little fun with her when I am supervising her as she fills up the car with gas?
When I go over and over the concept of putting in your debit card and letting it fill up instead of putting in $5.00 at a time?  Because it really will stop when it is full.

It really will.  I am not messing with your head.


Unless you get freaked out and pull it out because THE THING SAYS YOU ARE PUTTING IN OVER $40.00!!!!!!!!!
Is it really sooooo bad to theatrically over-react  tell her that IF YOU SPILL EVEN A LITTLE GAS IT CAN CATCH FIRE AND MAKE YOUR WHOLE CAR EXPLODE
And that you have to get some water and scrub it down really really fast?
Is it so wrong?

If This Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right


ltlrags said...

Give her credit for pulling up on the correct side of the pump.

critterlover said...

LOL! See, these are things I did to my girls too, but they didn't seem to appreciate my sense of humor. I don't get it?