Monday, May 16, 2011

Ummmmm I Forgot What I Was Going To Call This Post.....

The spring semester at my IRL (In Real Life) school is winding down.  Only two more Saturday classes.  I am starting to panic because I know I am going to miss school so much.  I am such a total dork, right?  WHAT WILL I DO WITH MYSELF??
The entertainment value alone will be sorely missed.  This past week in my Communications class we had the rest of the persuasive speeches.
So this guy gets up and he is going to persuade us that marijuana should be legalized.  Here is my summary of his speech.
"Good morning.  So I am going to talk to you today about why marijuana should be legalized.   Ummmmmm....   aahhh.......   I have been toking for, like, since I was like 14 years old and I am not addicted.  Marijuana is like that ummmmm..... ahhhh... what is that word?  Like  uuhhhhh  ummmmm.  Whatever.  Studies have shown that marijuana is safer than cigarettes and more satisfying too.  I know people who smoke like a pack of cigarettes a day and they still want more.  But I have like a small toke in the morning and one later and I am cool.  Unless I am bored and then I like to take a few hits and watch a movie because any movie is a lot more interesting when you have a few hits on, right?  (he looks up and the ceiling for inspiration).  So.... ummmm.... marijuana is a lot safer than alcohol  because you are not impaired to drive."
At this point I cannot tell if he is seriously giving this speech or if he is going the satire route.  I am trying not to snicker.  Either way he is seriously giving me a case of the munchies.
He stumbles around for another few minutes and then it is time to ask questions.  The teacher pipes up right away " So, dude are you FOR the use of marijuana or AGAINST it because you just gave a convincing speech that it makes you stupid"  LOL   The class cracks up.  The guy looks clueless.  There are more questions.  The guy is trounced.
I am seriously going to miss this class. I have bonded with two guys in particular.  Ironically Bad Hair Guy has become a friend.  We have spent a fair amount of outside time discussing God and Quantum physics and all kinds of other stuff.  His hair still drives me nuts though.  The other guy is this Philosophy major and we have had many conversations about all the various Ancient and more contemporary philosophers and all the theories.  Dude, you have no idea how SMART I can sound when I put my mind to it.  Who am I going to talk to when this class is over???? 

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