Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aren't We Glad I Have Time To Blog Again?

Okay so I am sitting up here in my ivory tower (bedroom upstairs) writing a paper for my Com class about John F. Kennedy's Ich Bin Ein Berliner speech and I realize that I am freezing.

A few days ago it was 90 degrees.
Now it is cold again.
But really-- this cold? 

And I realize the cooler is running full blast downstairs.
And up here I now have my winter pajamas on.
Yeah, I could go shut the cooler off but.... then I would have to come back upstairs again.   And that is kinda like when you have a bad dream, but you aren't really sure it is a dream because maybe JUST MAYBE there really is a monster under your bed and if you get out of bed it will most certainly get you.

Even if it sees that your eyes are open it might get you.

So you just stay in bed  Or you just sit there in front of your computer in your winter pajamas and text your sister who isn't even home that you are freezing.
And she does not come home to turn it off

I know, right?

And my Blackberry is ding ding dinging that there are multiple emails coming in.  In my Philosophy Discussion Forum everyone is posting madly to finish up before the class officially ends at midnight tonight.  (Of course I did this days ago) And they are all "this class has changed my life" "I can't believe what I didn't know about life" "have a great summer--- B(est) F(riends) F(orever)...  Good Luck In Life!!   OMG SIGN MY YEARBOOK!!  etc etc etc.....  and I am thinking WHEN IS SHE GOING TO POST THE FINAL GRADES because last week or so when she last posted grades I was one point off of Tina's grade. ONE POINT!!!!   TINA!  I must conquer you Tina, Stealer of The Highest Class Grade.  But Tina is all like "Oh Dr Benvenuti, I just LOVE your instructional style I have already signed up for your Psychology class next semester".  BROWN NOSER!  I would never stoop to such obvious displays of Co-Dependent People Pleasing Competivity.  It is ridiculous!  I will earn my grade the old fashioned way--- by being amazing.

Dang it is so cold up here!


ltlrags said...

I would offer to snuff out Tina for you but then she would know the meaning of life before you. Geeez, life is so unfair.

JC said...

Did you say 90 ? Oh my .. I'm thrilled if it's out of the 40's. Been raining all day and I mean ALL DAY. What the meaning of that ?