Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Carpe Diem
If you see a pair of shoes on clearance and you LOVE them and plan to come back later--- they won't be there!
It is like some kind of cosmic joke!
And it cost me an excellent blog picture the other day.
I drove by the wedding chapel marquee that supplies us with so many giggles and there was a great one up there. And I figured, I will get a picture later cuz I was a little late for work.
I am so sorry, Minions!
You are going to have to imagine it and trust that it was really up there.
Do you have your imaginations on?
Okay you know what the marquee looks like, right?
I dont remember the couple--- lets call them William and Kate
Here is a dramatic re-creation:

William and Kate
The Have What It Is

Of course this made me wonder what "IT" is that they have.
Is it an STD?
Is it a horrible gross hair ball in their shower drain?
Is it meal worms in their pancake mix?
Is it a mouse living under their refridgerator?
Is it rabies?
Is it BO?
What is it ????
The World May Never Know.
But whatever it is, They Have It!!
Congratulations William and Kate--- maybe you should see a doctor about that.

Meanwhile yet another exciting day at work--someone brought Kentucky Fried Chicken in around noon.  Plus all the things that go with.  Including bisquits and what I thought was little packets of honey.
Little did I know that those little packages are actually "Honey Sause"
What is Honey Sause????
Apparently a whole lot of things besides honey.
As you can see from the package----- this sause contains a whopping 7% honey.
So that is 93% of other stuff.
Who Knew

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