Monday, May 9, 2011

One Down: One To Go

I am finished with my Philosophy class!   Yay?
I really enjoyed my Philo class.  What am I going to do with myself now?  That frees up a good 5-6 hours a week of homework.  Also, an outlet for all my deep..... insightful..... musings.....
I guess I will just have to spend more time and energy blogging.
Yay?  Is that cheers or sobs I hear?
Com 101 continues to be, at turns, incredibly entertaining and excruciatingly boring.  The past few weeks we have had our Persuasive speeches.  Several of my favorites have dropped the class but there were a few high points.  We had Mr Player Guy who did his speech on why there should be sex ed in elementary school.  Yes, that is what I said.  Because we all know that 9 years old is about when 'everyone starts these days'.  Once I picked myself up off the metaphorical floor we had the next speaker who was apparently trying to convince people to read the Bible more. He did not make it sound tempting.  Talk about a 180 degree turn!  During one less interesting speech I heard someone softly snoring and I am afraid that it was me.  I don't know for sure.  The award for the best mis-use of the English language goes to the speaker who was trying to persuade everyone to take First Aide courses.  Among the many reasons she gave was the fact that someday you might need to perform "emergency child labor".  Ironically this actually came up less than 20 hours labor when I found a sink full of dirty dishes and tried, unsuccessfully, to get them to perform emergency child labor.  That is what happens when you don't get the proper training.
Let that be a lesson to you all!!
(In case it isn't obvious, I am fairly certain that she meant "emergency childbirth".)
Soon we will be working on our final speech which is to be commemorative.  I am seriously considering offering up an eulogy. 
Of myself.
"We come to bury the GeeeLoueez, not to praise her..."
I could make it pretty danged funny, right?
It is high time to bring back the funny.  I have been so immersed in my own head for the past 16 weeks examining my thoughts on life, liberty, reality etc.... that I have become decidedly less funny. 
I have to hurry because I think I died of rabies and we all know what happens to your brain when you have rabies, right?
That is right... you become a zombie.
Now I have 3 more weeks of my Com 101 class and then it is summer break.  I was thinking of backpacking through Europe.  Who wants to come with?
After this semester is over I only need one more class before I can become a California State University Bakersfield Roadrunner!!!     Except now I am not sure that I still want to do it.  Accounting is so boring.  Maybe I want to switch majors and become a Philosopher.  Maybe I just want to endlessly wander the halls of higher learning...
What do you think, my peeps?


ltlrags said...

My backpack is ready. When do we leave? PS: the remaining study of philosophy will lead you down a dark hole. Spoiler: nothing exists!

LeAnn said...

Oh yeah, now you tell me that Reality is a Myth!
I have been floundering around in a Rabbit Hole for the past 16 weeks!