Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Doctors Checkup: A Haiku

I need a checkup
Doctor visit means haiku
Poetry means calm

Nope, not logical
Not looking means not finding
Hello Denial

I try not to faint
Upon hearing my poundage

Recite litany
Of medical conditions
To new provider

Feel like an old fart
Being middle aged sure sucks
Wish I were 30

Before menopause
Before the high blood pressure
Not so big and fat

She sprays that cold stuff
On assorted locations
Meeting tomorrow

Blisters on my face
Lets hope they dont look too gross
Curling iron burns?

Lets get some blood drawn
Check you for more diseases
When last tetnus shot?

Looked inside my ears
Did she see any brains?
Or just many bats

How lucky are you
To hear of my physical
Descriptive haiku

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