Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Design My Yard!

I really would love to do something great in my yard.
Or even kinda okay.
Right now the front planter bed is mostly dirt clods and the back yard flower beds are all dirt.
I know some of you out there LOVE to garden and design landscaping so please feel free to offer advice.  I want plants that take care of themselves pretty much.
I did find some beautiful garden art.
Cats With Binoculars
"Who Me?  I am not stalking birds"

Arrrgghhhh Matey!
You be wantin a Pirate Kitty fer yer yard, do ye?

Dog & Cat Wind Chimes
For those days when the wind in the
Antelope Valley just isn't
quite noisy enough

Home, Home on The Range....
Where the dogs and the cats are at play....

I want an Angel Kitty to watch over me!
That doesn't make me weird, does it?
DOES IT??????

1 comment:

JC said...

I wish I did have the gardening gene but alas my yards are a total mess. What does work for me are azaleas, rhodys (some have blossoms and some never do but the green looks ok), hydrangeas (I probably spelled that one wrong), Lilacs (they smell delic.

I'll send you a list of more ...

I saw those angels at our Lowe's. I thought one would be cute by a mini garden area with a seat. I imagined stones leading to a lovely corner of the yard with roses or something growing and a fountain going.