Friday, April 29, 2011

Coming Up For Air

I have to make this fast.... I don't know how long I have.

The swirling miasma of philosophy will reclaim me soon and have me examining my free will, if animals have souls and whether Star Trek has the same subjective value as Einstein.

So I gotta make this fast.

Two more weeks of philosphy and I am done!  Halfway through Communications, but that doesn't tie me up so much.  Hopefully I will be back to blogging more often.  I know how dreary your lives have been without me.
I hope you are all ready with your checkbooks because at the moment I am 1 point off the highest grade in my philo class and an easy A in the other one.  Someone(s) are going to owe me a LOT of Good Grade Rewards!

I am not sure how ethical it is to tell you about speeches in my Com class but there have been some doozies! 
One girl was talking about childhood obesity but kept saying that kids are "Obeast". 
One guy was trying to explain quantum physics:  in 5-7 minutes. 
Meanwhile we have to sit there for hour after hour trying to stay awake and pretend to be interested.  It is torture.
My favorite so far, however, was a lady who was speaking about cancer and the Alltimers disease.  One of her statistics had to do with the fact that "Mostly only the mens get the prostate cancer"  This was a revelation to me.  I am embarrassed to admit this but, I have never even had my prostate checked!!  Lucky for me I go in to see a new doc this week and I will be sure to have her check.
So school has kept me very busy.

Tonight Lauren and her BFF went off to the Prom Dance thing at her school in Pasadena.
I am sending along a picture.  It is very cool.  They both looked so pretty.  I hope they are having fun.
My own prom was one of those horrible teenage memories that is laughable 30 years later.  Looking back on it I think the guy I had been 'going with' but who had decided to 'take a break' felt guilty so we decided to go to the Prom.  I doubt he asked me.  This is a re-ocurring theme in my romantic life.  My husband never actually asked him to marry me.  The last guy I went out with kept telling me that he wasnt attracted to me but I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer romantically it would seem.  I know you find that hard to believe.
Anyhow... back to the Prom.  I sewed my own dress.  He wore a suit.  He would not get a tux.   The night was horrible because he acted like he didn't want to be there.  The pictures we had done were so bad that he buried them in his backyard. 
Which reminds me of something else--- this is going to sound odd but today on the phone my ex husband and I were chatting about this wedding we were in.  Ironically it was the guy I went to the Prom with (true story-- right Wayne?)  So for this wedding the girls wore long dresses with three tiers of ruffles on the skirts.  Long muttonleg sleeves (tight on the forearm, puffy above the elbow) covered up to the tip of our chins with lace.  Mine was pink!  Styles have sure changed!
Well kiddos it is almost 8:00pm and I have to get in bed because I am an old fart.
What have you all been up to during my hiatus?  Leave me some comments!!!!!


JC said...

At least you went to the prom. I got asked by a few guys but I said no to them. My son is so shy hs isn't going to ask anyone. My h didn't go. My d did go but not with a date but with a gang of girls. So, the prom is a four letter word in my family.

(The guys who asked me were all in my cooking class and they did it as a dare to see if I would go with one of them.)

ltlrags said...

How funny. I forgot that you went with him, and I didn't realize it was so bad. I don't think he ever said anything about it. Thank God you're back; I'm so sick of being productive, so it's good to have your blogs to read instead.