Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Prince Charming Did Save The Day!

Hey!!!  Guess What?
I figured out how to download pictures again!    I kept trying and trying and I was like "Hey, I am signed in under my gmail account instead of my Yahoo account"  So I went into the dashboard and I


This is Caterwaul.
Fearless Feline Leader has asked me to gather us together so Her Royal Alien-ness can make a statement about current 'project' conditions:

And Now.... Her Royal Highness
Our recent endeavor has been met with limited results.  As you may have surmised, It has figured out how to download pictures again.  It's offspring, The Evil Computer Genius Brandon was also able to fix It's laptop when it mysteriously 'went down' tonight.
I am not happy.  Do I LOOK happy to you???
The computer sabotage was sucessful in that one of you, my faithful subjects, was able to pry loose the F4 key off her laptop keyboard.  I am most pleased.  Except for the fact that you left evidence.

And It even found the actual F4 key under It's workdesk.  Sloppy work!

It wasn't me, Fearless Alien Feline Leader!!
It was the young one!  He did it!!

Yes, I did pry off the key but I was not the one to drop it on the floor!!

That is all.   Go forth.  Infiltrate!  Dominate!

.........  so then I turned the computer back on and it worked again!   YAY!!

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JC said...

They look so innocent ...