Thursday, January 20, 2011

Interesting Facts About My Dog

My dog, Samson, does not like it when I cough. 

It seems to concern him and he will come over to check on me.  He is clearly more protective of me than the Great Blogger Douce who's dog Chuck always leaves the room when she coughs.
The other night he woke me up pawing at my face.  I can only imagine that I was snoring and this was as disturbing to him as a cough. 
I worry, however, that it is something far more sinister.
I mean, I have no doubt that if I died in my sleep one of my furbabies would eat my cold dead body.  At least I hope it would be cold.  And actually dead.
I think that it is altogether possible that Sam was checking to see if I were already dead.  When I woke up he just wandered back to the foot of my bed and went back to sleep. 

I think he looked slightly disapointed.

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JC said...

Again, you are so funny !!!