Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Am In Love.....

Yes, I am in love.....

With my Chiropractor, Dr Jose Limon.
Oh, not in the icky-mushy-gooey-maybe your wife needs to worry about me- kinda love.
No.... more like the "I wish I could take you home and keep you in the little closet under the stairway" kinda love.
Creepy?  No, really?  Me??? (maybe a little)
Dr Limon is the brother in law of my bestie Wayne.  Which means he is married to Wayne's sister who I also know quite well.  They are truly lovely people.

Last weekend I did something to my back.  It hurt really badly.  I had trouble standing up straight.  I had seen Dr Limon years ago before I started getting treated by an orthopedist for my cervical disk deterioration problem.   When I was crawling around and moaning a lot someone said "Hey why don't you go see a Chiropractor before I have to put you out of our misery?"
So I called Wayne and got a little whiny and he helped me get in to see Jose.
And the heavens opened up and a shaft of light beamed forth and Jose used his God given gift to fix my back.  And my neck too.  It was wonderful.  I felt so relaxed.  And it didn't hurt.  Even my neck felt better.  And he smelled good--- that was just a bonus.
I don't know what he did exactly, but it was a revelation.
Because I realized that over time I had accepted my chronic pain as being a new normal state in my life.
It had ceased to become a problem to overcome and became expected.
And that is very sad.   Because all it took was an open mind and a little trust and I feel better than I have in such a very long time.
And I got to thinking that isn't it just in our nature, some times, to get numb to what is wrong in our lives be it emotional pain or physical pain or unhappiness-- and give up. Stop fighting it.  Accept them as normal.  The best we can hope for.  All we deserve.  The best I can do.
Maybe it isn't the best you can hope for.
Maybe something better is worth reaching out for one more time. 
It feels good not to hurt.

I think Dr Jose My Chiropractor is safe for now... but I will be back, you can count on that.
And if you are looking for a great Chiropractor let me know!


JC said...

I'm so glad he helped you.

ltlrags said...

It wasn't creepy until you said he smelled good. Now you're on a kinda stalker level.