Sunday, January 16, 2011

Philosphy 101

There has been some confusion with my pet name for my readers.  There is a great band in my church who are all aging Rock Stars and they are Geezers (with a hard Guh sound) and they had it first so I am going to have to come up with a new trippy name for you all.  At the moment, I am liking the sound of "Minions"
My Study Partner is NOT Carrying His Weight!!

I Don't Think Laying Across the Keyboard or On My Notebook Constitutes Studying

And so, dear Minions, I know you are all troubled at the eminent start of the Spring Semester and what that means to my blog time and therefore to you all.
Sadly, my classes will cut into my blog time.  But the richness of the material that I know I will come across will more than make up for the quantity of the blogs.  Of this I am sure.
For example let me share with you the interests section of the profile of one of my fellow classmates.  This being an online class I will say that this person does not live in the area.  My professor, in fact, lives in Chicago.  So if you think this information looks familiar.... well you know some interesting people that is all I am going to say on the subject.  Because while I celebrate diversity and free thinking in my friends and readers--- Minions, this collection takes the cake.   I mean my profile is more like this:

Hi Hi!  My name is Brittney.  Not Britt-an-y.  Okay?  Okay, so like I am a 48 year old... ...middle aged .... youngish ....cougar college co-ed.  I like surfing and roller blading on the beach.  Well, not really the beach....... duh-- that would like TOTALLY ruin your rollerblades, right?  I am totally into body building and I go the gym every day between 2:00am and 3:00am when I am asleep so that way I am still fresh in the morning.  I am really concentrating on my own form of Intelligent Design / theory of Revolution and stuff and I only eat raw foods that I have grown with my own hands in the attic of my house that I share with other like-minded individuals and aliens.  I am single... for now.. but I am always looking... RROOOOWWWRRR!!!!

But we all know that is a total load of crap, right?  Because my profile should read
My name is LeAnn.  I have been in college since 1980.  I have two kids who keep me in psychotropic medication and a job that makes me want to jump out the window numerous times during the day.

But this, THIS is a real  honest to goodness profile, kids.

" Interests:
my kids, organic gardening and canning my harvest, earth-based spirituality and mythology, shamanism, art as healing, literacy, herbal healing, cultural competency/diversity, meditation/mindfulness, psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, mind/body studies, ecopsychology, geomythology, loomed beadwork, leathercrafting, wood and stone carving, Writing, Drawing, painting, Reading, my sweet shelter dog, my Celtic roots/heritage, Education, tutoring, camping, and the history of everything!"

O.M.G.  Someone get me a dictionary!  What is that stuff?????
Or maybe she is really a lot more like me and just trolling for blog materials.......

Stay Tuned Minions:  It is going to be a bumpy ride!!


JC said...

You are so funny. You are my humor that I need. Thank You and good luck with your new semester. I can't even imagine going back to school. And, what a cute study buddy.

ltlrags said...

Amongst all that raw material, I am focused on one thing: you work in a single story building, so jumping out the window would get you little more than winded.