Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Christmas Parade

And now, my formal report on the Antelope Valley Christmas Parade

Saturday December 4th   10:00am
130 Entries
13 Marching Band
45 Horses
8 Color Guards (see footnote #2)
67 Community Queens and Princesses  (Please see footnote #1)
Many Many unidentified people in covertibles
3 groups of people from community colleges (Please see footnote #3)
8 Alpacas
3 Groups of people with dogs
1 Boy baton twirler (Please see footnote #4

Footnote #1
How can there be that many community queens.  This is only our area it isn't all of southern California.  The group from Rosmond appeared to have 3 sisters (Nepotism-- party of 3?)  There was one kid named Imunique from Quartz Hill I think. (Seriously--- these kids have to live with these names.  Just say no to crack when you are thinking up baby names)

Footnote #2:
Cadet Airman Hernandez was my favorite ROTC person!

Footnote #3:
The community college people were so incredibly pathetic I wanted to cry.  On the sadness scale the one for AV College--- MY ALMA MATER PEOPLE-- was a 300 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Really, was this necessary?  And what did you bribe those people with.  Have some Maurader pride people.

Footnote #4
You have to hand it to this kid.  He had to be the most courageous kid in the whole parade.

Final Note:
The Dance Magic dancers kicked Studio 81's dancer butt.  Their routine was more fun and their outfits were much nicer.  There were two kids in there that especially stood out in the crowd. I know I might be biased but my eye was really drawn to Lauren Fenner and Rebecca Williamson.  They just rocked that routine. I have video but I cannot figure out how to get it out of my Blackberry and over here. Sorry.


JC said...

I haven't gone to a parade since I was 21. Yours sounds like it was FUN.

Courtney Renee said...

You forgot to mention the super awesome people who drove the trucks with the council members in the back... specifically the crazy amazing driver of Bishop Henry Hearns. I mean, come on... rocked that Chevy.

Anonymous said...

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