Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's A BOY!!

Congratulations are in order!

On Friday December 3rd the adoption of Kody Newcomb was finalized and so please join with me and his Official Father Wayne Ragas in officially welcoming Kody Alexander Ragas!

If you have not yet made the connection, Wayne is my very special lifelong best friend who figured prominently in my 30th Class Reunion as my Hostage  Date.

See, since we were tweens Wayne had a secret longing to marry me and have oodles of children together.  But he was shy.  He watched me date first his very best friend and later marry yet another of his friends.  Sadly I was unaware of how deeply he loved me.  By the time we were free to marry he had given up on true love and moved away to do penance working for the rich and crazy-- all in an effort to get me off of his mind.   He knew he would never have me.  I know it has been hard for him as no woman could ever begin to measure up to his ideal woman:  me.  It wasn't as if he didn't try.  Really, who can blame him.

And yet, he still longed to be a father.

Eventually destiny (I know it was God by you all know how I am) brought Kody into his life and he became his foster parent.  In spite of watching me raise my own two monsters incredibly wonderful children, he still wanted to have a family of his own.  And Kody needed a stable family too.  It took a few years but now it is official:  Kody is adopted.
He is one lucky guy!

For example he is now afforded all the rights and privileges of any legacy Wayne has for him including but not limited to his vast personal wealth and his collection of vintage ziplock baggies.   

I am so proud of these two guys.  They each took a big risk, which is what truly loving another person always is.  I know that people tend to think that adoptive parents (I being one and so I feel entitled to make this statement) are somehow heroes for bringing a child who is "not their own" into their home and their lives, but let me educate you.  We are selfish.  We are compelled to find this child who was not born to us but is none the less our child.  You can just tell they are out there somewhere.  And trust me they just don't get more of 'your own' than when you nag them to clean their room or turn in their home work!  When you have to clean up their barf or sit by their bed when they are sick and wonder if you are a good enough parent.  What makes you a real parent of your child has nothing at all to do with genetics but everything to do with commitment and love.  Possibly a touch of insanity.

Kody put it well when he changed his own name on Facebook:
" Yes, I changed my name.  I now have a dad I can trust and live with.  A family I'm not afraid to lose.  I'm adopted and I'm proud of it."

We are too, Kody.

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ltlrags said...

Hey! Ziplock bags are reusable. Kody was thrilled that it ended with his quote.