Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Won't Blog About This

Tonight something interesting happened in my house.  Sadly, you don't get to hear about it because the party involved invoked the sacred words "LeAnn isn't allowed to  blog about this, right?" and I always usually respect this.  Many times is only with great personal discipline and actual physical pain that I skip over some awesome blog material.  I am sure at this point you are thinking "OMG, if these are the things she is allowed to blog about--- WHAT ELSE IS HAPPENING OUT THERE?"
Lots, let me tell you... but I can't tell you... so you will have to use your imagination.
My sister loves to be the center of my blog attention.  She will often point out to me what she believes to be good material.  The furry family of the house has no choice.  Anything cute or strange they do is fodder for a furry blog at any time. 
But there are many areas of my life that are off limits.
Which brings me back to what I can't tell you about tonight

Here are a few things I can tell you about:   Becca scored her first goal this season at last Saturday's soccer game.  She was so stealthy that we almost missed it.  YAY BECCA!!

Also, here is a picture of my sister proudly having her picture with our trash cans.
Every week she engages in an unspoken battle with our neighbors to be the first one to get their garbage cans out.  The neighbors have always won.  I have seen them put those cans out a day and a half ahead of our Wednesday morning dump time.  These are the same neighbors who often wash their car INSIDE their garage!!  I know, right?  What kind of crazy does something like that?
Anyhow I noticed when I went to work early this morning before daybreak that their cans were not out yet.  I thought about putting ours out, but then I realized:  This is my sister's war to wage.  I have nothing against putting the cans out after the neighbors and if I were to beat them to it, it would be an empty and hollow victory because Monica must fight her own battles.
So, I went on to work.  Later in the morning she was still able to get our cans out before the neighbors thus winning a battle-- but sadly the war will wage on again next week... and the next.... and the next.....

And her gracious acknowledgment of victory?   "LeAnn, you ARE going to blog about this, right?

Of course I am.

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