Friday, November 12, 2010

Field Trip Addendum

I cannot believe I left this off the Trader Joes Blog.  Because this one really did make me lol.
Dried Pomegrante Seeds:  A good source of fiber!
Nice observation Captian Obvious!!
Pomegranate seeds in thier natural form are mostly a big pit you cant chew up and if you swallow it I am quite sure will work its way through your colon unscathed.
But when you dry out the little bit of fruit around it so that the whole thing is hard-- what is with that?
No doubt an amazing source of fiber.

On another note-- I have had to put the word verification dealio on my settings because I was getting a bunch of spam on my blog comments. 
At first it was okay but then I realized that I love myself the way I am and I just do not need any further enhancement!


JC said...

You had way too much fun at Trader Joe's !!!

ltlrags said...

I think this is the result of trying to squeeze every dollar out of a manufacturing process. Pom juice is so popular now that there are bound to be tons of left over seeds after squeezing the juice out. Voilà, now we now have dried pom seeds. What a find. If you find corn husk toilet paper please let me know. I haven't seen that since the 1940's.

PS: your blog went to my spam folder this time. SPAMMER!

Chairwoman of the Cutting Board said...

I personally get my fiber from chewing on hay which happen to have a ton of fiber. LOL Great observation. How do people eat this???

Kym said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat pomegranates but there is no way I could eat dried ones.....yuck.