Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sweet Potatoe Blaspheme

It pains me to confess this to you, dear ones, but I have committed another culinary sin.
I didn't want to bow to peer pressure.  I have taken up the rampart of Culinary Adventure and I will press on!  No one ever said this road would be an easy one to travel.  I embrace the danger. 
I volunteered to provide sweet potatoes to a recent gathering.  I did it to myself!!!  And I decided to step waaaay out there on a limb and create Un-Sweet Sweet Potatoes. 
I feel you cringing
That is right... NO butter.  NO brown or any other color of sugar.  NO cinnamon.  NO..... NO..... (forgive me Lauren and Grandma Johnson) NO MARSHMALLOWS!
I KNOW.  It was a bold move.
Instead I roasted them in a little olive oil and onion soup mix.
And then I took it to the Thanksgiving gathering at the Custodio's home.  That is right.  I took an untested recipe to a gathering of CHURCH LADIES!!!
I was apprehensive, I admit it.  I kinda snuck the bowl in there amidst the other traditional sweet potato dishes (including Chandra's which was very yummy and best of all only 800 calories and 15 grams of fat per 1 teaspoon serving).  My offering stuck out like a sore thumb.  After the guests had served themselves I casually perused the room to see how many had piled their plates high with my creation.  The response was underwhelming.  There was an appalling lack of interest.  Someone had even 'accidently' dropped a piece on the floor which the cat batted around until it was dead and then took it down the hallway to her litter box where she spent a great deal of time trying to bury it in the sand. 
It seemed hypocritical of me not to try a morsel myself and quickly realized that this was an experiment gone wrong.  Horribly wrong.  In a tragic twist of irony it seems that Un-Sweet Sweet Potatoes are more than just an amusing oxymoron but also perfectly descriptive. 
Wrong.  Wrong. Wrong. 
Another epic failure.  Another painful lesson learned. 
I skulked off leaving my serving dish behind.  I can only hope that Lori, who has probably just now figured out where the offending dish came from, will keep my secret.  (If you can just sneak the bowl back to me in a plain brown paper bag that would be great)
It is possible that my shame is public record-- I did notice that the singles were specially asked NOT to bring food to the Christmas party in a few weeks.  How can I blame them?

Father Guy Fieri I ask for forgiveness and in my defense I can only beg for mercy for it is true that..........

I Yam What I Yam 


ltlrags said...

Hasn't Guy taught you anything? You never make a dish for the first time and share it with anyone, and you always taste your creations before you serve them. Why do you think people bring KFC to pot lucks? It's because the dish they made ended up in the cat litter or waste bin. Trust me, I have experience with this.

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Stacy Vogt said...

Okay, so next time you make unsweet sweet potatoes you just need to leave off the onion soup mix. Roast them with olive oil and then when they are done you sprinkle them with seasoned salt....yum. Have made this many times. Love ya!