Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween: Part One

Halloween, my dear Geeezers, is not my favorite 'holiday'.
I didn't like it as a kid. I don't like it as an adult .
I don't like scary movies (isn't real life bad enough?)
I don't even go on the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland!

Why? Because I actually believe in God AND Satan and if you ask me there isn't anything crossing over that is benevolent like Casper the Friendly Ghost..... But you didn't ask me so we will move along....
I try not to be too Scroogy for the sake of others who enjoy the season.

So I took pictures while my sister, her daughter and numerous cats carved the pumpkin the other day. My sister had gotten one of those kits where your child can pick out an intricate pattern to use when carving, gets it started, and then lets you finish it for the next 2 hours. (They also make those kits for Christmas that look like Gingerbread Houses and Easter Eggs). She kept saying "Next year it is eyes and a mouth!! EYES AND A MOUTH!!!"

The cats also enjoyed jumping in and out of the caldron that was to contain the candy for the hoards of little monsters that would come by later in the evening. Brandon and Jericho donated their carved pumpkins to us because they decided to hide in their bedroom for the night. Here is a picture of O'Malley our Halloween Pumpkin Kitty and our Jack O'Lanterns.

Of course I volunteered to help create costumes. It is a mental illness I guess. For Becca I turned her ordinary jeans into hippie bell bottoms and for Lauren I made a really cool cut velvet cape with green trim.
Lauren took Becca around the neighborhood and gathered candy. I saw none of it. WHAT IS WITH THAT? Candy is the only thing about Halloween that I like.
Except for these imposters.

They only come out this time of year and try to pass themselves off as candy. I don't know WHAT they are but it sure isn't candy. No one likes them. They always get thrown away or re-candied. Yuck.
On that note I end this portion of my Halloween Report.
In Part Two of my Halloween report I will tell you about the scariest thing I did on Halloween. Oh yeah, it was terrifying.


JC said...

I have that caldron ... see we think alike. Only no kitties jumped in it like your cute ones.

My years of making costumes are over. Thank You Very Much ..

Love O'Malley in the window ...

ltlrags said...

Hey Buzz Killington, you could have at least popped for the good candy. I am stuck with 30 full size candy bars, Skittles and such from those Costco multi packs cuz I forgot that Halloween was the same night as Hockey. Kody and I didn't get home until after all the tricksters stopped tricking. Wait... is that the right term?