Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween: Part Two

I know I told you that I was going to tell you all about the most terrifying aspect of my Halloween in Part Two, but I was wrong.
There is another tale to tell right now.

Something I just have to get off my chest.

For many, many years I have told people that I know how to sew. This is a lie. Please forgive me. I have been perpetrating a big giant lie for years and years just to impress all of you.
It is time to come clean and tell the truth.

You know in Cinderella how she makes this beautiful dress and then it gets destroyed but because she is good and kind the little mice and birds come together to create something beautiful? Something like that happens for me.
Meet Hank: The Magical Praying Mantis.
By day Hank sits perched on our dinning room shelf. Still. Lifeless. Silent.

But sometimes....... he comes to life!

For years and years I have pretended to sew things. Costumes, clothing... even Jericho's wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses.

It wasn't my work-- It was Hank.

So when Lauren asked for a cape I consulted Hank about what supplies to get and then turned it all over to him and took a nap.

Poor Hank. He was having an off day and got almost done only to discover that he had put the wrong pieces together and had to tear it out and start all over again. Hank almost said some bad words when that happened!
So he set it all aside for a few days and picked it back up again on Halloween morning.

The pressure was on.

He made a big pot of coffee and got to work.
He patiently worked his way through the project until he had a wonderful finished product.

A cut velvet cape with a cowled hood. It is trimmed out in Slytherin green so Lauren can wear it to the Midnight Showing of the new Harry Potter movie in a few weeks.

And then he died

Even the cats wouldn't eat him.

So.... that means no more sewing projects for me.

Unless Tim Gunn calls.......

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