Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Courtney.

Courtney had a dream: To Marry Nick and Live Happily Ever After!

She looked far and wide for Nick. Alas-- he was not to be found!

Courtney was discouraged.

She was downtrodden.

She was crestfallen.

She was melancholy.

She had the vapors

Finally, one dark day, she decided to do something drastic;

She placed a Craigslist advertisement.

"Young woman dreams of marrying a man named Nick. $500.00 obo"

Then she lay back on her velvet divan and waited.

That very day she got a response!

"Dear Courtney:

Your dream has come true. Your Prince Luke has arrived. Will you be my Princess Leia? My basement cat, Darth, my hamster Chewbacca and my family of albino mice (Dad Anakin, Mom Padme and 100+ of the cutest babies you will ever see) can be ready to move out of my parents' basement on the morrow.

Here is the best part: You don't even have to pay me!! I overheard my father say that he wouldn't give $.02 for me but he would pay his entire fortune to someone willing to take me off their hands!

I assume that you are okay with intergalatic transphibian ovum transplantation because I really want children right away!

Do the stuffed animals you keep on your bed talk to you sometimes in the night? If not that is okay, but if so all to the better!

I would puffy heart to meet you tonight for dinner. How about McDonalds? I only nom french fries. Ever.

I already love you with all my heart and soul,


Sometimes the line between dreams and nightmares is a very thin line.

The End

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JC said...

Dreams came true ... that's a laugh ... give six months and they are in trouble.

Maybe the inter galaxy relationships would work better.

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