Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Field Trip

 This evening I got off work.
No one needed me.  No one was waiting for me.
I was wearing my purple boots-- which make me feel adventurous, as you know, and so I decided to make a trip to the grocery store.
But since I was adorned so gloriously, I decided to go to Trader Joes! 
One of the things I like about Trader Joes is that I can take pictures of the food and no one really seems to find that odd.  If they do I just say "Well, I write a famous blog you know!  And so I must document my fabulous and facinating life!"  Then I hand them my business card with my blog address on it and go about my merry way.
See, I cannot do this in Vallarta though the blog material there is astounding.  Why, the meat counter alone could keep me going for weeks!  But I just can't take pictures there.  I am afraid of ending up in the truck of someone's chevy rolling on down to Tijuana.
First we have some yummy chocolate cookies that I like.  I love that they had to actually put "Cookies For People" on the package.  But I understand why this is necessary because recently I told my bonus daughter Stacey, that they were cat treats and she had to spit out a mouthful into the sink.

 Next up--- I was ASTONISHED to discover that there is actual FRYING CHEESE!!!  And here I have been trying and trying and trying to re-create the famous Greek Fried Goat Cheese Appetizer.  Did I buy it?  NO!!  I did NOT!  Why?  Because I will not cheat the cheese.  I will keep on working on my own Flaming Goat Cheese Appetizer.

Far be it for me to point out the obvious but, really people.  When you freeze the shrimp they get really really cold so is it really necessary to point out that they are blue?  Really?
Finally, in the toy section I found some Jedi Light Sabers.   I had never seen any like these before!  They were right there hidden in plain sight cleverly disguised as brussel sprout stalks!
BRUSSEL SPROUT STALKS?  How stupid do these people think we are?????


Stacy Vogt said...

Ok, so I am making a comment again. (the first did not take for some reason.) You MUST buy the frying cheese, for obvious reasons.

I think I need some purple boots so my life will be more adventurous and exciting!

Anonymous said...

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