Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ode To Snoopy

The other day our friend Kathy lost her furry friend Snoopy. Snoopy was, of course, a beagle.  
Kathy and Snoopy and Samson and I spent many an hour walking in the park and talking about life.  Mostly talking about David to be honest. If you know Kathy and David you will understand why.  If you don't ..... it is a very long story... but it has a happy ending.  This was several years ago you know!
Samson loved Snoopy.  Sometimes he loved him a little too much, but Snoopy was always a good sport about it. 
Kathy and David have the biggest hearts for animals of anyone I know.  They have been trying to get their rescue compound up and running for a long time but government bureaucrats have made the going very hard and expensive.
Kathy has given me advise on many occasions with my furries and Samson broke David's 17 year stretch of dealing with difficult dogs without being bitten.
And yet, they still love us.
Amazing, isn't it?
So please say a prayer or send a good thought to them on the passing of their friend Snoopy.  When we lose a furry they always take a bit of our hearts with them.

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JC said...

Tell her I'm so sorry about Snoopy. What a great name for a Beagle. He must have had a marvelous life.