Friday, September 10, 2010

Women of Faith

Now that I have all this spare time I can do other things.

First thing up: Going to Women of Faith conference in Anaheim this past weekend with my favorite Daughter in Law, Jericho.

We drove down Thursday afternoon so we could avoid driving in the crack of dawn in traffic Friday morning.
I am such a party animal: I fell asleep at 8:45pm. It is strange but it feels like I am MORE tired than I was when I was going 100 mph. I just feel exhausted all the time. Anyhow...
The next morning we were up bright and early and off to the conference at the Honda Center. There was wonderful praise and worship music! We danced and sang and it was so fun!
There was a great line up of speakers too: Women who had all been through the ringer just like all of us. Women who had suffered from depression, lost husbands, been estranged from parents. Luci Swindoll was there. She is 78 I think and has never been married. She has really lived a life though. I wish I could be half as brave as she has been-- traveled all over the world. Seen so many things. She is hilarious too! It is always so good to pause and take time out to examine what is going on between me and God. I like to be reminded of all of His promises in the Bible and to remember all that I have been through and how faithful He has been to give me strength and hope. I know that these things have given me what I need to get through life every day.
It was great to spend some girl time with Jericho. I am trying to be a really great Mother-in-Law. Pass down some of my wisdom and all that you know.
Can you imagine having ME for a Mother-In-Law? Buuaaahhhhaaahhha!
We came home Saturday night. It was so good to sleep in my own bed. Guy Fieri was waiting too!

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ltlrags said...

Really... Guy Fieri? Bradley Cooper will be so hurt.