Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Now that Lauren lives with her dads, I get to be the 'Disneyland Mom'. Usually the term applies to weekend dads but after all these years of being the Mean Mom, I get to have fun!
I don't have to nag about her schoolwork or her chores or her room or her bathroom.
I just get to have fun!
So this past Sunday I drove down to Pasadena where she is living now and we headed off for a fun day.
First we had brunch at a cute little bistro.
Then we went to the mall over by the Santa Anita raceway-- that nice Westfield Mall.
I was hoping to find an outfit for my Class Reunion-- but that is a blog for another day. I did find the cutest bustier/corset thing at Torrid that was pink lace over black. I only wish I could pull it off. I am just not that daring. Lauren is, though, so I got it for her. It looks SO CUTE!! Her dad has a much healthier lifestyle so he has her eating better and working out and you can tell!
She also got some other stuff.

We went into Forever 21 (which is not nearly as nice as ours in Palmdale) and found a hoodie she wanted. I had already spent our shopping budget for the day so I had to justify buying that hoodie by blackmailing her into posing with this fur monstrosity that cost $45.00.
She really wasn't happy.
But she really wanted that hoodie.
This picture doesn't do it justice. It was pinker and rattier looking.
Please forgive me if one of you bought this... but seriously... you BOUGHT THIS?

So then we went and saw "Scott Pilgrim Vs The World" . This is ranking in my top five most hated movies ever. It is right up there with 'Shark Boy & Lava Girl in 3D'. It was LOUD. It was weird. It was irritating. Clearly I am at least 30 years too old for this movie. Plus there was this super annoying chick in the seat next to me and I really REALLY wanted to whack her upside the head for just existing and being stupid and loud. This in the midst of a movie that was already stupid and loud.

Someone coughWAYNEcough said this movie was good. Were you being sarcastic or has old age made you senile already.

Then I took her home. Does that ever sound wrong. And felt wrong too. Taking her home has always meant taking her to my house. But she is doing well. And I think she is happier. It is just strange for me. And sad.

But we had a really nice, fun day and we can have more of those, so I guess I will survive.


ltlrags said...

First, you don't need anything new for the reunion; you already out-class me a billion times over. Second, bribing your daughter with a hoody to take trashy pictures? Shame! Third, aren't you too old to see a movie like that?

JC said...

I have been to Forever 21 way too many times. I'm actually getting used to the VERY loud music they play.

I'm glad you gals had a fun time together. Maybe the being apart will mend the relationship.

One can hope ... when it comes to getting along with d's ... I don't have any clue. Whatever I do is always wrong.

Tell me you aren't that young ? Reunion which one ...