Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fenner: P.I.

It isn't really a matter of being nosy, you know.

It is being protective of my little, Defective Brain Chip Syndrome sister.

She needs me.


So the other morning I get up around 5:30 and notice she is already gone. This isn't terribly alarming since I knew she had work at 7:00 but still, a little odd. So I drive by our usual spot for morning iced coffee (McDonalds. Really they make the best iced coffee and it is cheap. We aren't Starbucks snobs). She isn't there. My curiosity is aroused. I decide to make a quick drive by Walmart to see if she is there.

It is hard to explain my sisters obsession with Walmart. She just loves to go there and putter around and look for buys. She will never run out of shampoo or smelly perfumy body wash stuff. She is a good bargain hunter-- much better than I. When she couldn't drive she would take her bike there and try to see how much stuff she could bring home in her basket. It was excruciating for her not to be able to pop by when ever she felt like it. A nice long leisurely day at Walmart is like a spa day for her. We often joke that when she isn't driving that Walmart sales plummet and when she gets her license back they throw a confetti party for her! Now that she is back behind the wheel she enjoys the freedom to go where she wishes. Of course I would never begrudge her these trips.
Still, it amused me to find her Suburban there at the (literal) crack of dawn.
While I am snapping this picture and looking forward to teasing her about it, this guy shouts over to me "Hey, your man cheating on you?" I am thinking "Oh yeah, he is cheating on me at 5:30am AT WALMART"???? What kinda loser do I look like?
(Maybe the kind that hasn't even had a date since 1999)
So I leave but as I turn around I see her coming out of the store so I stop to say 'hi'. This guy, still standing there says "There she is!!"
Hee hee...... my early morning encounter with my cheatin man!

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