Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday in Ventura

This past Sunday I took one of my BFFs, Stacy, to Ventura for a little girls day / early birthday celebration. We had a great time. For this special occasion Stacy was initiated into the Flaming Goat Cheese Sisterhood. I got a really good picture this time! Unfortunately I cannot show you the secret handshake. Because it is secret. Duh.

Possibly the funniest part of the trip happened when we were just walking down Main street doing a little window shopping. I had to stop in this little store that has Renaissance Costumes because I am looking for a dress to wear to my class reunion and I am thinking Bar Wench. I am terribly afraid of ending up with something matronly. Gah!
We are walking along and there is this crowd of people all laughing and taking pictures:

This is an actual real live dog, ya'll. A HUGE bloodhound that is just sitting there in the passenger seat of this car apparently waiting for his owner (who is kidding who here-- he is the owner and he is waiting for his Staff Person to come back and drive him somewhere). He is all chilled out looking for all the world like he could hop in behind the wheel and drive off by himself.
The picture really does not do him justice. He had quite a crowd of admirers.

If his Staff person were really smart, they would have put a tip cup out there.
That pup could really cash in!


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