Sunday, July 11, 2010

Monica's Birthday: Part 1

Geeezers~I know you have all been waiting by your computers for the Full Report of Monica's 45th Birthday Adventure. You are about to be rewarded.
Brace yourselves... you know how wild and crazy we are.
Friday afternoon I decided I was going to do something that I haven't done in so long I couldn't even remember.... I decided to take the WHOLE DAY OFF WORK. OMG I didn't even set my alarm clock because I always wake up before 6:00
At 7:45 my sister came and poked at me because she thought maybe I had died in my sleep. I hadn't. Sleeping in... who knew...
Anyhow... we got on the road and decided to stop at IHOP for pancakes in Santa Clarita. The waitress noticed her "IT IS MY BIRTHDAY: TELL ME HOW AWESOME I AM" button on her blouse and so she got a free chocolate sundae and the IHOP Happy birthday song.
Then we continued on to The Southern California Fish and Lizard Farm or, as it is more commonly known, Descanso Gardens. The description of the weather on the news (cool and overcast) and the current blooming plants on their website (several different variates) were woefully inaccurate. It was HOT AND HUMID! (My hair turned into a mobile fuzz ball and I sweated through my clothes) and there wasn't much of anything at all blooming except for squash plants.
There were, however, millions of huge, maneating KOI trying to jump out of the water and kill me. And there were lots of lizards scampering here and there and performing their daily pushup workouts. I took a video of this but can't figure out how to post it. We looked this up online and these pushups are actually a form of sexual attraction and defending of territory. I could hardly blame them--- if I were a lizard I would think I were pretty hot too. And not just because I was sweating so badly. We made a stop at the gift store where I very graciously offered to purchase a birthday gift for my sister of some geese that were apparently carved out of poop. Unbelievably, she didn't have any yet. I know, right? When we were done traipsing around we waved goodbye to the lizards and the Piranhas and got back on the freeway.


Kym said...

Sounds like a fun day! Hope to get together with you guys someday!

Anonymous said...

You know.....I meant to google the lizards to find out about the push-ups after noticing 4 of them in my backyard a month ago ("4" lizards...doing several push-ups every few feet......not synchronized...just over the course of 20 minutes-ish. However, I have now been informed by your bog...I!!! Who knew I would get such up to the minute NG info from your site?