Monday, July 12, 2010

Monica's 45th Birthday: Part 2

We I left you last we had gotten back on the freeway.....

We noticed some movie theaters nearby and so we decided we would catch the new Cameron Diaz / Tom Cruise movie. It was okay. Just a teeeny bit unrealistic (insert sarcastic tone here) but they had air conditioning in the theater so that was awesome.

Couple of hours later we took a short trip to Pasadena where I navigated my way through the one way and two way streets as well as the very exciting, and rarely seen, diagonal cross walks.

We parked the car, carefully being sure to secure the vehicle and note where the parking spot was, and started shopping.

We hit Crate and Barrel first where we found many amazing things like Strawberry corers and tiny little cast iron frying pans and cute little egg rings and parmesan corn sprinkles. In the furniture section we saw many interesting decorative items that we would have purchased on the spot if A) We way too much money and no where to spend it. B) We had no taste whatsoever C) We wanted to play a joke on our friends and family and wanted to see what people would say. I would have taken pictures of that if it didn't seem a tad tacky.

We continued down the road to the Smelly Lotion Store were we had a genuine celebrity sighting: Ross who is on the Jay Leno show and other things. So that was kinda cool. He was really nice. If you aren't hip enough to know who that is, click here. And shame on you for being ignorant of pop culture. I did have a short conversation with the salesgirls who thought it was Perez Hilton. As if. Anyhow, I put them straight. Shame on them too.

We saw many interesting street people including a man who was walking his dog and had his cat draped across his shoulders. The cat was just chilling out and not on a leash or anything. I wanted to take a picture but I couldn't get to my camera on time. Later we saw him sitting on the sidewalk, cat curled up next to him taking a nap. He was an interesting character. He had this interesting 'piercing' of one of his ears that allowed the ear to pretty much fold up his ear up and over itself. I talked to him a bit and yes, I did put a couple of dollars in his hat. I was impressed.

Then we went to Sur la Table (a french kitchen supply store) and found some more cool stuff to buy. I found some oven safe bowls to service my incredible french onion soup with crunchy bread and swiss cheese in. (I am soooo going to make that tomorrow night for Girls Night In) Monica found an ice crusher just like the one we had growing up. There are going to be some rowdy crushed ice parties in our future!! Woo Hoo!!


JC said...

You crack me up !!!

I'm drinking my first cup of coffee of the meowning ... while reading part one and two of your birthday adventures.

I do know who Ross is ... so there ... I'm not so dull after all.

I enjoy walking about C & B and Sur La Table too. I don't usually buy anything though...

ltlrags said...

Unlike JC, I had no idea who Ross was. JC, I applaud your knowledge of pop culture. And Geeez, thanks for the link. He's fabulous. PS: a straw makes a fantastic strawberry corer. Insert it from the bottom of the berry and it takes out the core and pushes the green top right off. McDonalds straws work the best. Now that's FABULOUS!