Friday, July 30, 2010

LeAnn Gets Lucky!!

Geeezers! I got Lucky on Wednesday night!

I did!
I know you are thinking "Thank goodness, maybe she will loosen up a little bit now. Maybe that tension headache she has had for the past 13 years will go away!"

BUT NO! Not THAT kind of lucky!!

(Setting the scene....)
In my jammies. Hair wet from my shower. Ready to bid the day adieu when my cell phone rings.
It is Lauren.
She and my niece Ashlie had been to the movies and were on their way home when something small and fast dashed in front of their car, risking life and limb to cross the busy intersection.
What was it? A rabid raccoon? A snipe? Low flying alien space craft?
They carefully park the car and run to where they last saw the creature and corner it in a bush. Not a soft fluffy bush--- oh no! A dense dark stickery bush.
Not being fully prepared to deal with all the eccentricities of life in the grown up world they do what makes most sense. Call Moms.
SO Moms spring into action, grabbed an animal carrier, flashlights and a can of cat food and race to the scene.
In their jammies.
With wet, but strangely sexy, hair.
We peer into the bush and can see nothing. Bending close to the center and shaking it a bit we hear the faintest, tentative squeaky sound that could only be a baby kitten.
Or a rabid bat.
But we were really hoping it was a kitten.
Since we are brave and strong women we plunge our hands into the brush and grab onto something that is squirming and squeaking and writhing around.
I hold up my prize: It is, indeed, a baby kitten.
Monica holds up her prize: a giant rat. (not really)
We wrap the kitten in a towel and head for home. The girls are pleading for us to keep it.
It is just a baby, they say.
Look how scared it is, they say.
We rescued it from certain death, they say.
Pshaw, say I. Animals do not belong in the house. Cats carry vermin and try to steal your breath away in the night! They are loud and messy and they can give you rabies and then you will turn into a zombie and try to eat everyone's brain.
Oh, yeah... I saw "I Am Legend"
Anyhow...... we take this tiny bundle of bones and stickers home and feed it--- it looks and acts like it hasn't eaten in days. It is so pathetic.
And yet... so admirable.
Just a little bit and somehow was surviving on it's own. You have to respect that.
You have to reward that, right????
We left in in the bathroon (toilet lid down) thinking it would be safe only to come back an hour later and discover he was gone.
WHERE did he GO???? We scoured the house: Flashlights seeking out corners under the beds. shaking out bed clothes. Searching through closets and cupboards again and again for hours. WHERE WAS HE????
Exhausted we finally gave up, hoping he had not survived the wilds of Cinemark 12 only to meet his doom in The House of Wayward Kittens.
The next morning I am sitting on the throne reading my morning spiritual devotion when I notice one of the cats sniffing under the bathroom vanity cupboard. I peek under. Wonder of wonders... there is a very small opening. I shoot a quick prayer "Lord please don't let this lead to endless corridors in the walls of our house,,," and go get Monica to help. We take the base boards off and she reaches inside--- and grabs the little booger!

He should be named Houdini.....
But we think he will be called Lucky.
It suits him.
After we had him checked (probably 7 weeks old and just skinny but otherwise fine) we gave him his first bath in the house.
We don't think he was feeling too Lucky right then. But he is fluffy and soft now and there are no stickers in his fur.
Yep, I got Lucky alright....


Karen said...

LeAnn he is so beautiful! Thank you for saving this are so good!! Lucky is so lucky!

JC said...

You are a saint !!!
I adore you ...

What a cute and lucky ... kitten.