Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weird Sunday Afternoon

Last Sunday had to be a full moon--- in the middle of the day!!

I went in to work early, as I do every day of my life. Every. Day. But decided to reward myself with a pedicure if I could keep working until my 8 hours were in even if it made me want to pull out every single hair on my head.

I have had many pedicures. I discovered this little dab of luxury in my 40s and usually go in every 3 weeks or so in the summer time. This was a weird one. First-- we got there toward closing time so no other customers were there. It was extra quiet. They even turned off the TV set! Then I managed to bump the iced coffee I had brought and flung it all over the floor. That was terrific. Especially in the quiet. A lady came over to wax my brows (because I am too blind to see my own eyebrows anymore and they looked like catapillers had crawled up there) and she is singing to me in Vietamese while she holds a dang napkin over my mouth and nose apparently forgetting there is an air breathing human underneath the stick full of burning hot wax she is applying to my forehead. She spills a bit on the brow but no problem-- she combs it out, ouch. That will teach me for spilling my coffee! Meanwhile, down on my toe area we have another tech rubbing and massaging and clipping my skin off my toes and feet. I ask for a french tip. For those of you who are pedicure-challenged this is when just the tips are white. It is supposed to give the illusion that you are so well groomed that your toe nails are soooo clean that they actually appear to be white. Somewhere along the line she thinks it will be cool to paint this thin silver line across the white tip and put on a coat of glitter. I do not notice this because there is still a napkin and a hand over my mouth and nose. Toe lady asks if I want a flower painted on my big toe nail. I am ambivelnt about toe flowers. Some times I think they look ridiculous and sometimes, when I am in a playful mood, I think Why The Heck Not!! Sunday I decided to go for it. I told her Please give me a very small white flower.

Does this look like a very small white flower to you? It is like a toe mural. It fairly screams HEY I PAID SOMEONE TO PAINT MY TOENAILS!!

(Incidently-- these are my actually toes. Yes, I actually took a picture of my own toes. They are not stunt toes)

So I go run by my 'rents house where my sister tells me that our house smells like a fish tank. My dad says that maybe our swamp cooler has algae.



Geeezers, that puppy had green moldly stuff growing in it.
Who Knew that was even possible?
We cleaned it all up and now our house smells.

I mean it smells nice.

You know what I mean!!

Goodnight all!

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