Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm Baaaaack

Hola Geeezers!

It has been a long time since I have spoken to you all. I apologize, and hope you will jump back on the bandwagon with me.
I have much to share with you!
Snowy has been very active recently so you can look forward to hearing about her adventures.
Let's get caught up.
My mom has been in and out of the hospital with congestive heart failure and advanced COPD. Please let me insert an anti-smoking message here: STOP SMOKING!! Okay.... this last round came about because her heart is just worn out and there isn't anything they can really do at this point. She came home on Mothers Day, which was the day after her 68th birthday. She is very weak and frail and cannot really walk anymore and on oxygen all the time. So, please pray for her comfort and safety.
My sister had another seizure 3 weeks ago. We had hoped the one she had last year was a fluke. I guess it wasn't. She is now on meds and a CPAP machine to sleep with as a sleep study showed she has sleep apnea that contributes to the seizures. She has lost her drivers license again so I am pretty much the only driver since my mom can't be left alone.
On the up side: Lauren is back in Opportunities for Learning (Independent Study High School) which is much better than Desert Winds and I am not afraid for her safety. I am getting info to help her get her drivers license even though I am fearful of this.
And I finished my Spanish Class! YAY!!!!!! That class turned out to be really hard and time consuming and I really had a hard time not dropping. I am proud of myself for sticking it out in spite of life getting so weird and crazy. I am not going to summer school and I am not sure about what to do in the fall.
Life is good. It is confusing and frustrating and crazy making. God is generous with His blessings to me and is obviously refining my character through the trials and stuff that goes on in my life. I keep thinking that now that I am an older woman with a crown of gray hair (that I try to keep covered up) that I should be wiser and stronger and braver. I think I am in some ways. I don't expect life to be easy any more. I realize the more I learn, the less I know and that there is a big difference between knowledge and wisdom. I see the value of family and friends who are there for me regardless of the circumstances and will let me call at 2:00am panicking and alone in and Emergency room and pray with me. I see that being there for other people in my life brings me blessings too. I see the intelligence of taking a step back and breathing more often.
Life isn't easy. It isn't fair (whatever fair means) but it is good. And it is the only one I get so I want to make good use of it!
Anyhow... on to working on other posts. Welcome back, Geeezers!


Anonymous said...

And we're happy to have you. Sorry about your trials lately but you've been in my prayers - and yes i have prayers... Of a sort. Love you!

critterlover said...

I'm sorry for your family's health troubles. It's always so difficult.

You are a blessing to everyone in your life.

You are a champ for finishing that class, with all that's happening and as hard as it was - BRAVA! Well DONE!

Sending you and yours, love and light. May the best possible outcome come to all.

JC said...

OK, so I hear ya about all the lousy stuff going on in your life. Been there. Done that.

Now, pick yourself up ... which it seems that you already have ... and have some fun with the life you have.

I've been to the bottoms .. several times ... and back. I like the joy in life. ER's and hospital food .. well they are not worth the time and energy.

So, tell me about the new kitties and where is snowie ?

And, how fab for you that you finished your class with all that was going on !!!

And, your daughter ... it's about time she got driving and started taking finishing high school seriously. I'm an expert on teenagers over here ...

And, your sister well ... like you said before .. that's why she moved in with you.

Your Mom ... nothing you can do about that.

I've been there, survived by a miracle of the cat gods, and have been enjoying ... well sort of ... my life ever since.

Head up, laugh a lot, about anything, remember who you are, why you love life, and who you want to spend your life with ...

And, now in those extra moments you have ... go have fun !!!