Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Snowy: You've Got Male!

I know posts have been few and far between and I offer no excuses.
Lo siento, amigos! Life has been.. umm, interesting......

And I wonder as I wander.... wherefore art thou Snowy?
Are you safe and warm?.
There has been a development here on the home front since you left us. A mysterious package arrived in the mail a week or so ago.
It was addressed to Snowie Rittel and came all the way from Russia!
The note is a little small so I will write it out here.
Be sure to read it in a Russian accent to get the full effect:

Please, I introduce me to Snowie, wish to be husband. Snowie say she lonely & unhappy & she is mean. I am here love to please. My name is Peter Klawski,

Thank you

That is right, Snowy has a Russian Mail Order Bride.. I mean husband waiting for her at home.
And she doesn't even know!

Peter is much younger and smaller than Snowy but otherwise has the exact same body shape and lack of appendages.
I know that Snowy won't mind the age difference, after all she is a bit of a Cougar!

(I totally crack myself up!)

PS: You may be thinking that I made this up, but I most certainly did not.
It is heartening to see how some of you actually enter into the Twilight Zone which is my imagination, and play along.


Stacy Vogt said...

Go for it Snowie! Cougars need love too! Stacy

Anonymous said...

Russia has weird stamps!

JC said...

Very Funny ... so now tell us ... where is Snowie ?

Authority Backlink said...

Wow . . congats ^^

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