Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Haven't Forgotten About You

I am sorry.
Once again I have dropped the ball and neglected you.
What is happening in my life to make me put my blog on the back burner?
Let's see....

Work has gotten really crazy.
One minute we were a smallish construction company trying to survive the recession. The next minute we are a Corporate Entity hiring tons of people and managing huge jobs all over the place. The Concrete Masonry Units have really hit the fan, ya'll and I am running to keep up with it all.
Also, I am still matriculating. Sadly, I had to drop my accounting class because it was just too much. So I am uni-matriculating this semester. I am still taking my online Spanish class. Which has not really turned out to be the easy no-brainer I had hoped for. This after buying the book and purchasing a parking pass.
I don't mind the pass too much though, it makes me look cool to have those stickers on my car.
Oh yeah.... she's a COLLEGE STUDENT!!!!!!
I know you are jealous!!
Hasta luego, amigos!!!

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critterlover said...

Hang in there, you have a lot going on!