Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Spanish Tests

That was a tough weekend, Geeezers!
I know you have been on pins and needles wondering HOW DID LEANN DO ON HER SPANISH MID TERM?
Well.... let me tell you... I don't know HOW I did but I know that I am DONE!

As you know this is an online class which presents it's very own set of challenges and rewards.
On the pro side: I took my tests in my pajamas tonight. That is very comfy.
On the con side: The tests (there were three separate ones) were supposed to post at noon today and did not post until 6:00pm tonight. I was all prepared to take my tests at about 3:00pm and my spanish knowledge began to slowly seep out of my brain shortly there after.
I was frustrated ya'll.
So Monica and I went to dinner together to have one of our bi-monthly financial meetings where we figure out how much money to move around to pay our bills. It is a lot like being married except both people care, lol. (IE: I was married to someone who never wanted to talk about money.) After a lovely soup and salad dinner I came home and got ready for bed. It was dark outside (mostly) so I got my jammies on.
Then.... I hear it..... on my brand new Blackberry (a story for another day).... the tone that tells me that my espanol professor has finally gotten off his backside and posted the tests.
What to do?
Do I have enough brain left to take the tests tonight thereby leaving me brain free for Monday Project Runway night?
I can only take the tests once you know.
So, I make a leap of faith and take the tests.
It is too soon to know how I did, but I will be sure to let you know.... as long as I did well. If I did not do well you may never know.

So now it is 9:29pm. I am going to go celebrate with a bowl of Moose Track ice cream and sleep the deep and satisfied sleep of a college student with no homework for the week.


JC said...

You Silly !!!
Hope you did ok on the test

Anonymous said...

So... how did you do?

critterlover said...

I'm late getting here, I hope you did well!