Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday Brandon!!

Here is it again. February 4th!
Today is a very special day because my firstborn has now achieved a quarter of a century of wonderfulness. Can you even believe I have a 25 year old? And I wasn't a high school kid when I had him either!

He may not look like me but he definitely shares a lot of my personality. Or my personality before years of therapy and psychotropic medications anyhow. I give you:
Exhibit A:
He pretty much believes he knows everything that is worth knowing. This is a multi-generational issue that has been passed down at least so far as my father. Course, I find that the older I get the less I know but that is just me. We also tend to secretly think we really can do anything better than just about anyone. Secretly. So don't tell anyone, okay?

Exhibit B: He has a wicked sense of humor that we share-- with apologies to his wife. She has endured a lot of weirdness that we find hysterical.

Exhibit C: He likes cats but only has one so he is a little behind with the feline hoarding but I guess he will catch up. He also likes dogs..... me? I am ambivalent on the canine question. Apologies to Sam-- but if you would stop peeing on things the paradigm would probably shift on the dog question.
Exhibit D: He is a master at fixing things and figuring out how stuff works. Now, some of your eyebrows just lifted at that statement. "LeAnn" you say to yourself "you cannot do these things." And I would say to that: "Pish!!" If I WANTED to do those things I know that I would be FABULOUSLY successful at them. I just don't WANT to.
See? We are exactly alike!!

Apart from all that tooting of my own horn in a backhanded kinda way, I have to tell you that he is my favorite son. And he is a wonderful friend to me too!

Happy Happy Birthday Little Guy!
Loves & Hugs from Mommy

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Anonymous said...

A quarter century?! How can he possibly be that old... unless you started in Jr. High. I've gotten really bad about sending bday cards, so tell him Uncle Steve says Happy Bday.

PS: you're hilarious! Very funny post.