Thursday, November 26, 2009


I suppose you all expect me to do something out of the ordinary and not just a post about all my blessings.

Well, this time you are wrong.

I am feeling very blessed this Thanksgiving. And not because everything in my life is wonderful and perfect but because this year I am particularly aware of how fragile life is but how Big God is. My faith and relationship with God has gotten me through it all and given me hope and strength. I am in awe that the God of the universe told us in His word that He knows us and loves us anyhow. HOW COOL IS THAT???? I am amazed and comforted by this every single day of my life.

And there are SO MANY PEOPLE whom I could name to give thanks to God for and trust me, I do every day... But for this special Thanksgiving Day I am going to talk a bit about someone who means the world to me; my sister Monica.

Monica had a big health scare about 8 months ago. If you missed my blogs about that time, click HERE I must say, reading it again just now, that it is pretty darned hilarious. And that is me-- always trying to pull off a Big Laugh because life is just too scary. And this was a very scary time.
You never know when something is going to happen that will change your life forever. You can be having a perfectly normal day and WHAM something rocks your whole foundation. When Monica had her seizure we didn't know what would happen: Was this an isolated incident? Was it going to happen every night? How was life going to change?
And it did change in many ways. It made me appreciate this incredible woman even more than ever before and not take her for granted. Since she couldn't drive for awhile we learned to depend on each other in a way we had not done before. We saw how comforting it can be to have someone to take care of you (more than us single moms are used to). And these are some thoughts that led us to looking at buying a home together which eventually led to establishing the great household that we have today.
Sure she is the butt of a lot of my blogs (with her permission of course) and she puts up with a lot of my monster fighting and she does it with patience and support and laughter. SHE LAUGHS AT MY JOKES and not just because I know where she lives.
She handles almost all of our parents' health problems partly because she is an AMAZING PROFESSIONAL NURSE (seriously ya'll she saves lives for a living. I count beans.) and partly because I am so unable to emotionally handle a lot of that stuff. Yet she never gets angry at me for being weak that way-- or she keeps it to herself and lets me try to make it up by cooking or something else.
She puts up with my crazy furgang sleeping in her clean laundry, peeing on her curtains, napping in our kitchen cupboards.
She hasn't strangled my daughter even when she probably deserved it.
She has been a really good sport about my obessive need to organize the house and put all the stuff in baskets.
There really aren't enough words: I just love her.
And I am especially Thankful for her today.

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Stacy Vogt said...

She is a wonderful person, you are both wonderful. I love you both and have been so blessed to have you and your whole family in my life all these years. Thanks, Stacy