Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday Update

So... how was your Thanksgivings, Geeezers????

I started mine out with my very first 5K Run!!!
Errrr make that Walk!!!
Ssslllooooowww walk even. Okay we only made 4.2K....
We are pretty sure we came in dead last. And we came in from the wrong side of the finish line too!


Still, we did it Chandra and I and we are VERY proud of ourselves!!!

It even made the newspaper!! CLICK HERE to see the news article!!! FRONT PAGE!!

The actual newspaper article had a COLOR PICTURE too!! But they don't show it online probably because so many people were destraught that they didn't go participate like some of us did (coughLeAnnandChandracough).
I took a quick pic while people were gathering so here it is.
Pretty Cool Huh!

1 comment:

critterlover said...

WHOOHOO! Doesn't matter if it's a walk or if you came in last. Just matters that you did it! Well Done!

We used to do a 5K on T-day. We (I) ought to start that again.

I do the 5k breast cancer walk, thought about training for the 20 mile one, but you have to raise lots of cash to do that one.