Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Morning
I know you are all on the edge of your seats wondering what is going on in my fabulous life.
Let me share
Got up this morning, which was a good morning cuz I slept until 6:00 and wasn't having a panic attack when I woke up which is VERY good, and went in to the office for a while where I worked on government payroll reports.
THen I met up with Chandra at the Y for an hour of treadmill walking and deep discussion about Life, teenagers, why golfers on tv wear white pants, death, work, therapy, what happens when we wear white pants and sit on something poop colored, what kinds of sweet potatoes she should make for the Saturday night group's Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, parents and other family relationships and what happens when your brain gets older.... amoungst other topics.
Speaking of brains.... I had a discussion with my therapist the other day and we discussed keeping your brain active via video games so I might have to get one of those brain game thingies. My DIL has one and she loves it and she isn't even old. Because I worry about that stuff especially with my moms recent diagnosis (even though that seems to be called into question now) cuz I have definite brain fart moments. I constantly forget where I parked my car. Once I carried my TV remote out with me thinking it was my cell phone. And apparently my brain is in my butt because when I stand up to go get something I immediately forget what I wanted.
Speaking of McDonalds.......... today I drove Lauren to our Designated Visitation Exchange Spot otherwise known as the In-N-Out burger place off Sand Canyon road which is about halfway between our houses.... and left her there to go home with her dad for a week. Heaven help them both. So then I turned right around and headed back to Lancaster and decided to stop at the McDonalds in Acton to get some cookies. I happen to think McDonalds chocolate chip cookies totally rock. And even though my brain knows that chocolate chip cookies do not equal Love (Hey, look! A Squirrel!!) I still use cookies to fill in the gaps of my emotional pain on occasion. And sometimes I use them to keep me from being boring on the freeway. And sometimes I use them to reward myself for doing something I don't want to do. And sometimes I use food. Period. I admit it
Anyhoooooooooow..... The drive up window person says "Welcome to McDonARDS may I help you?" and i think--- did she just say McDonARDS? I mean, it threw me. For a micro second I almost ordered a fruit plate. Then I came to my senses and ordered the cookies. Now, this particular McDonALDS has a special place in the hearts of the Fenner-Williamson household because it was there that we stopped and bought breakfast one trip to Disneyland and they messed up our order Big Time. Messing up our order was not especially noteworthy except for the fact that they had stuck a sticker on our receipt that said "Double Checked for Accuracy" which has become a catch phrase in our home now. (SQUIRREL)
Soooo anyhow............. when I get up to the pay window I listened carefully to the order lady repeat Welcome to McDonARDS several times. I also heard her use the 'L' sound so apparently she doesn't have a speech impediment...... Isn't that facinating?
See, some of you ask me "LeAnn, how do you come up with your FACINATING blog subjects that make our lives appear dreary in comparison?" I tell you--- pay attention to your own life-- there is facinating stuff going on all around you.


Stacy Vogt said...

MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm coooooookieeees, fulfillment, seeeeeex (oooops), coooookieeeeeees. When I need a cookie fix, and this is often because I am a cookie fiend, I too seek out the wonderful cookies at McDonard's. I had some for breakfast on Friday! Sometimes I have them after work cuz I am rewarding myself for just going in and finishing. Soooooo, you are not alone, my friend. There are probably many more out there who will not admit it. You would all do well to just admit it and come clean. Love Stacy

Anonymous said...

Somebodies been watching UP! It's funny because the squirel gets dead.

Pigeon Boy said...

I never order cookies at McDonNARDS... but my wife does when she wants me to spend the last $1.06 I have to my name and then not give me a bite....(She is over my shoulder right now bitching about my Iced Coffee that she buys me to hold over my head....AND pointing at my spelling mistakes....PLEASE MAKE HER STOP!!!
AS for anything else at McDonards, it may have been a slip of some kind as I have often thought they used ARDS or NARDS in what they pass off for for " double checked for accuracy"....My cat's patootie could make a better bag check then those cretins.....seriously folks, I could show you if you want.....look deep into my eye!!!!

JC said...

You live a fasinating life in comparison to mine .. blog on baby.