Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Feline Fiascos

Today I was reminded of how expensive it is to be owned by so many cats.
You would think that they would pay me better, but they are demanding masters and I am only the staff. One of them likes to chew on my fingers and her sister likes to chew on my toes.

ADD moment: Does anyone besides Stacy remember the Klibon cats? I loves to eat dem mousies, mousies I do love to eat. Bite dem little heads off and nibble on der tiny feets!
Anyhow.............Over the weekend I noticed that Jasmine wasn't opening her right eye and Yvette had licked herself to the point that she had sores. So Monday morning I decided to try to get them in to see my veterinarian.
I must say that I have a crush on my vet. Dr Dave. He is so awesome. He just is so sweet and he always loves on my furgang when I bring them in. He chats with them and he gives them scritches. He is realistic and compassionate when the verdict is bad. He is encouraging when he tells me what needs to be done. Today he did a very thouroug exam of both the girls and explained exactly what was happening. Mostly to my sister who actually understood more of it.
(Did I mention that I love my Vet? I just love him.)
When he was done examining Yvette he put a towel over her to calm her down which was exactly what she needed. So, looked at Jazzy's eyeball and put in drops and looked at it in the dark and all kinds of stuff and he discovered that she had a scratched cornea. He explained how the tears were being displaced by the scratch so they didn't get to the whole eye to heal it etc.... So I got ointment and drops to put in her eye. She is going to be very very unhappy to have to stay in the house for awhile. And she will tell us all about it I am sure. He also said her iris is mis-shapened but he says she probably sees okay. Siamese's eyes always do tend to look a little weird. Beautiful blue violet eyes, but a little crossed. Yvette got a steroid shot for what he feels is a combination of alergies and neurotic licking behavior from anxiety. I understand this because sometimes when I get really stressed out I lick all my fur off too. My legs have never been smoother..... She also got the dreaded pink medicine.
You know, when my kids were little they were always thrilled to get pink medicine and gulped it down happily. Not so Yvette. She turns into the Tanzmanian Devil. I am pretty sure her whole entire head spins around. She flings medicine all over the kitchen cabinets, the floor whomever is in the room and herself. I am never sure how much actually got inside her. Even when we wrap her like a little Egyptian Kitty Mummy she calls on her super-feline strength and shreds her way out of it. I am dreading this whole process
UPDATE: It is now Tuesday. Things went exactly as I feared. Jaz growled and hissed at us and Yvette got the pink medicine all over the place.
What fun!
BUT~~ Seeing as how several friends of mine have lost their feline friends recently (and big hugs to you girls!) I am very glad that I get to fight with mine every day to get their medicine in them!

Another Update: My friend Ely sent this link: you must CLICK HERE to see it. It seriously made me lol. How much catnip do you suppose they gave that cat?

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Stacy Vogt said...

Do you remember the Kliban one with the cat waiting outside the mouse hole with a Chinese military outfit on and the caption read "Mousie Dung". Haahahahahahah. Ok. So I don't have a life. Love you. Stacy