Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Important Date In History!

Today is a VERY IMPORTANT DAY in history!
Yes, I know it is Veterans Day and I am most certainly grateful for the service that all of our veterans have done to preserve our freedom.

Today is also the aniversary of the day my favorite Daughter In Law was born.

Okay, everybody together.....
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birrrthhhhdayy, dear Jericho!!!!!
Happy Birthday to YYOOOOUUUU!!!!!!!

On previous birthday blogs I wrote about the first time I set eyes on one of my beloved children but I am sad to say I do not actually remember the first time I met Jericho, though I would bet she remembers the first time she met me because I probably scared her to death.
Who can blame her?
I do remember finding out about her, however.
I sent my son off to his Jr class trip to the East Coast a single dude with no special girl in his life and he came home with a girlfriend. HUH???
Something happened.... a glance across a crowded airplane.... a wink over the bus seat... stolen kisses when they got 'lost' in museams? I don't know. But something clicked for the two of them that trip and they never looked back. That was it. Through all those final teenage years and through the leaving home stages they were each other's rock, best friends and loves. No one else existed for them.

It wasn't however, love at first sight for Jericho and I. She scared me. She was quiet. OMG a quiet girl around me and Brandon and Lauren? HOW COULD SHE EVER SURVIVE???? I tried to engage her in conversation. She just kinda looked at me like OMG BRANDON'S MOTHER IS A COMPLETE WHACKADOO.
You can only imagine it. Seriously, can you imagine having me for a mother in law???
The horror of it all.

But we all persevered and eventually came the day when she tripped over her own feet in the bathroom and knocked a hole in the wall with her head and laughed hysterically... that is when I knew--- this woman was destined to be my new daughter. This girl had what it takes to be a Fenner.
I am very blessed that Brandon found a partner for life who loves him and loves God and seeks to learn to be a good wife and friend to him.
How can you possibly ask for more than that?
Happy Happy Birthday Jericho,
I Love You,


JC said...

That's very sweet ..
I'm glad you are all so happy together.

critterlover said...

How lucky you are to love your daughter in law and she you.