Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random Thursday Thoughts

Some things running through my head tonight:

Lauren won't let me blog about her endoscopy experience yesterday which is really a terrible shame because parts of it are blog-worthy.
So I won't
I want to, but I won't
Because I respect her feelings
Plus, she knows where I live
Okay.... what else....
I will say that my very good friend Stacy came to the hospital to sit with me because she is an angel. Seriously, she is awesome. She is always there for me to lean on. We have been friends since I was 14. We met at summer camp one year. The year of the rain. The year worms invaded my tube tent. The year Theron Myers cut down a tree. It was a banner camp year for sure.
Stacy helps me with my caregiver situations also which is AWESOME!!! God has blessed me with so many amazing friends. Sometimes I think I have more than my fair share!
But don't tell Him, okay!
What else.......
What isn't blog worthy? The enormous pile of dog poop that some one's dog deposited in the living room one night that was so big Lauren's friends took a picture of it on their cell phones.
Her new friends. Oh yeah.
Wait... I have to go run Lauren to her ballet class. BRB Geeezers.
Okay I am back
We had to put her hair up in a bun for class. She has to wear a Very. Specific. Outfit. or they don't let them rehearse. I had to grease up her hair, use about a million bobby pins and a snood to get it right.
That is right, I said snood.
At least I hope it is right. That remains to be seen I guess.
So, I notice that the holiday lattes are out at Starbucks. It must be Christmas. I love the holiday lattes but I have cut Starbucks out for the most part. Partly because my stomach isn't loving coffee these days and partly because my wallet isn't loving Starbucks.
It ain't right, people.
It just ain't right.
Does every one's brain buzz all the time with a bunch of random weirdness or is it just me?

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Stacy Vogt said...

No problem, my bud. I am glad to be there and am even more glad we have been friends for all these years. You are the best. Here's to many more!