Sunday, November 8, 2009

Am I A Bad Driver?

I have been accused of being a poor driver.

I know, that is shocking.

I don't believe it either.

There has been, however, occasion to question my parking abilities.

This is a re-creation of a parking job I did a few days ago.

Chandra says it is accurate.

I think she may exaggerate a bit.

To prove I can do a good job this is how I parked when I picked her up for our Sunday morning Dog Park Outing where we discuss deeply spiritual matters and laugh at the dogs.

It did take a bit of backing up and pulling in and looking until I was satisfied with the job I had done.

See, I can do it.

I just don't want to sometimes.

PS: So we also did some walking at the dog park (no, one of us was not on a leash) and then we decided to go check out the neighborhood behind the park because the houses looked so beautiful. I looked up at this one beautiful house and the number lept out at me. I asked Chandra if she noticed the street name... and realized I was standing in front of my boss' house. Okay what do you do with that? I mean, what if he saw me?

OMG LeAnn is stalking me AND the dogs at the dog park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course it is a cul de sac so I was able to stare at it again when I walked by the other way.

I was kinda proud, you know?

I mean, imagine if I had realized it was his house and it looked like THIS???
No, I didn't take a picture of it.
I don't take a picture of EVERYTHING, CHANDRA, like the McDonalds panels when they changed from Morning menu to Afternoon menu.
She wanted me to, but I was like FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY I WON'T BE YOUR BLOG MONKEY!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Bad parker, yes. Answer the following and I'll tell you if you're a good driver: You are in the left lane of a two lane road that is merging into one lane, and you notice the right lane is shorter. You...
A) pull into the right lane
B) stay in the left lane
C) straddle the lanes because pulling in the right lane is cheating and you won't cheat, but you're not going to let those cheaters pass you either
D) pull over until traffic is lighter and you don't have to choose