Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hi, My Name Is Monica.......

My sister Monica
She is awesome in so, so many wonderful ways
She is a hoarder.
She is.
This is a picture of her shoelace box that she was keeping.
That is right....... shoelaces.
Because she is a homeless bag lady and keeps everything she owns in her shopping cart.
No, wait....... She is a successful well compensated ICU nurse.
She can afford to buy new shoe laces when the occasion arises.
Then why the box of mostly used shoelaces?

Well... how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of the tootsie pop?
The world may never know...........

Disclaimer: Monica said I could blog about her shoelace box AND after going through all the stages of grief last Saturday she was able to say good-bye to the shoelaces.

Denial: Everyone has a HUGE box of shoelaces. This isn't weird.
Anger: YOU AREN'T THE BOSS OF ME!!! I can keep them if I want to!!
Bargaining: Please? Can't I keep them? Some of them? The cute ones?
Depression: I....(sniff sniff).... I don't know....(sniff sniff)... how can I go on without them??? (Sniff sniff)
Acceptance: Okay... many some really destitute people can use them that have no shoelaces.... Yes, donating them is the right thing to do..... I can do it!!! (wipes nose on her shirt)
I am so proud of her!


Kym said...

Hey, I think I recognize some of those shoelaces from high school! LOL

Anonymous said...

I think she realized that if she got rid of the old ones, she could go shopping for more.

critterlover said...

Well, not 'everyone' has a huge box of old shoelaces... but surely 'everyone' has a box of something that others would laugh at... yes? LOL, good for her, purging makes way to start anew.

Anonymous said...

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